Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breaking Dawn - It's getting closer

Preparations for the next Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, have begun.

ASHLEY GREENE, who plays vampire Alice Cullen in the fang flicks, told her Twitter followers that she had paid a visit to the wardrobe department this week.
She wrote: "Had a Breaking Dawn fitting yesterday which means we are getting close to starting. I'm getting excited!!"

 The fourth chapter in the series, which will be split into two parts, will be shooting in Louisiana and Vancouver from November.
Breaking Dawn will not be filmed in 3D, despite reports that it would.
A source from Summit Entertainment, who make the Twilight movies, confirmed that "Neither film is being shown in 3-D."

The surprising decision will annoy star KRISTEN STEWART, who was all for going to the next dimension.
She said recently: "I'm probably speaking out of line or whatever, but I think it would be awesome."
Her sparkly fella is scary enough in 2D...


  1. Fuck YES Edward is winning in the polls.

  2. I really don't think going into 3D would be a wise decision, considering the quality of the effects in the previous movie. Even though this one does have a bigger budget, adding another spatial dimension is not the thing it should be focused onto.